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Joey Scouts are boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 8 (Joeys starting at 5 must have started school). They are the youngest members of the Scouting movement. The emphasis in this section is placed on fun and friendship in a non-competitive environment.

A Joey Scout Unit has no more than 20 children and is guided by trained adult leaders.

Joey Scouts are encouraged to challenge themselves and explore the world around them through games, outdoor activites and hands-on learning. Going on bushwalks, growing plants from seedlings or playing games together all develop a strong sense of belonging.

The Joey motto is "Help Other People" (HOP) which sets the direction upon which activities are based and reinforces the ideas of sharing with their friends, as well as helping and caring about others.

Joey Scouts can receive participation badges by joining in with various group activities.

What do we do?

Throughout the year our Joeys participate in a range of activities. Our weekly meetings often have a theme such as Circus, Science, Spooky or Flight. Sometimes we run our whole meeting in the dark and other times we have a campfire, sing songs and roast marshmallows. Every year we have a Joey Region Camp where Joeys from other groups can come together and camp. There is also Joey Fun Day where Joeys can use a climbing wall, build something or play games. We have a Group Camp so that Kingsford Smith Joeys, Cubs and Scouts can come together and learn from each other. We also have an outing such as a hike or a visit to a special place at least once a term.

When and Where?

We meet Monday nights 6:00pm - 7:00pm during school terms. For more information contact: George Murray, Group Leader, on 02 9667 1065.