Kingsford Smith Scout Group

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Scouting is a uniformed movement. Uniforms encourage equality; they hide socioeconomic, cultural and religious differences so that Scouts can more easily make friends from all walks of life.

How to get one

While in the 4 week trial period, you can size and purchase a shirt from the Leaders. A scarf and woggle will be given to the youth member when they are invested into the Group. All other items in the uniform must be sourced by parents. You can buy official items from the Scout Shop online or buy any item that matches the regulations at a regular store.

Our uniform standard

Pants and shorts - Any tan coloured items are suitable. Skirts are not allowed.

Shoes - Black or brown enclosed shoes are necessary. Crocs, thongs and sandals are not allowed. Members in the Scout section require sturdy boots.

Socks - Navy or black ankle length.

Hats - Kingsford Smith Group bucket hats can be purchased from the leaders. These are not compulsory but strongly encouraged especially for Joeys and Cubs. Even if not worn to meetings they are good for outdoor activities.

Jacket - You can wear any regular jacket but you should take it off during parade and put it on again after. Official Scout branded jackets are available from the Scout Shop.

Looking presentable

Being neat and clean is part of our uniform standard. However you are still allowed to get dirty if an activity requires it.