Kingsford Smith Scout Group

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Kingsford Smith Scout Group
George Murray (Rama) Group Leader 02 9667 1065
Joey Scouts
Anne Auld (Roo) Joey Scout Leader 02 9661 9615
Sarah Robinson (Blinky) Assistant Joey Scout Leader
Paul Miranda (Bagheera) Assistant Joey Scout Leader
Nishka Chauhan (Kiara) Youth Helper
Cub Scouts
Terry Hamilton (Akela) Cub Scout Leader 0411 126 983
Steve Villiers (Keego) Assistant Cub Scout Leader
Selvi Dharmadi (Sona) Assistant Cub Scout Leader
Siobhane Cai (Hathi) Assistant Cub Scout Leader
Elias Hanoun (Chil) Youth Helper
Phil McLeod (Skip) Scout Leader 0418 267 096
Didier Dejean (Did) Assistant Scout Leader 0425 254 069
Poonam Chauhan (Nala) Assistant Scout Leader
Tony Hanoun (Que) Assistant Scout Leader
Group Support Committee
Alex Brown Chairperson
Mallory Davies Secretary
Lisa Bamford Treasurer

Where are we?

Our hall is located on the corner of Sparks Street and St. Helena Parade, Eastlakes.

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