Gold Boomerang Award (10 year olds)

The Boomerang Award is structured on an age basis. The last is the Gold Boomerang for 10 year olds. Each Boomerang level consists of 14 parts. For each Boomerang level, the first 7 sections must all be completed and then the Cub may choose any 3 of sections 8-14. Sections can be completed in any order, except for number 7 - Promise and Law - which must be completed last and signed off by the Cub Scout Leader.

Compulsory tests:

  1. Health First Aid
  2. Safety
  3. Ropes
  4. Outdoor Scouting
  5. Cub Scout Traditions
  6. Symbols Of Australia
  7. Promise and Law

And complete 3 of the following tests:

  1. Fitness
  2. People and Cultures
  3. Scientific Discovery
  4. Natural Environment
  5. Self Expression
  6. Handcraft
  7. Your Community

For some help with the tests, please refer to